_____Oh Shit!!! Did that Drill Sergeant just tell us to run 2 miles?? Maybe she was just playing…No, folks are starting to run so I better get busy.

30 long suffering minutes later……..

_____“I don’t know Drill Sergeant; I think that I hit that mythical wall.” Of course I said that with a slight smirk on my face. This being my first real interaction with her, I wanted to see how far I could push her. As I would soon learn, she didn’t push far.
_____“A smart ass!! I knew that there had to be one in the platoon. Good, I know just the way to wipe that smirk off of your face. Double time back to the barrack and form up with your entire squad in the day room. Make sure that your canteens are full.”
_____“YES, DRILL SERGEANT.” As I sprinted (well trotted, did she really expect me to run after I just finished running two miles) back to the barracks, I couldn’t help but reflect at how fine Drill Sergeant Townsend was. She was about 5’9” and was 160lbs of toned muscle. Her skin was a smooth cocoa color and she had soft, curly black hair. Her teeth were perfect except for that gold tooth (very ghetto). For some reason, that gold tooth looked just right on her. I couldn’t tell about her personality, but I wasn’t trying to marry her. I just wanted to hook up with her.
_____To tell you the truth, I have no clue if she is family or not. If she is, great; if she’s not, she looks like a fast learner. I was going to have her either way.
_____Of course, my squad members are mad at me. They were all lying down on their bunks in our 8-man room when I had to give them the bad news. Their fussing took about ten minutes and when we finally got down to the day room, DS Townsend was already there. I knew we were in for it.

Barracks Day Room
50 minutes later……

_____“Do you think that we are almost done? I can barely breathe.” Puffed my battle buddy Private Michelle Ortiz as she lay on the tile floor. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear her and DS Townsend did.
_____“Private Ortiz, who told you that you could talk? You are one of the sorriest soldiers I have every seen. Get up! Stand at attention when I talk to you! You think that you are tired now, just...”
_____“Leave my battle buddy alone. She can’t help that she is tired. Besides, she has asthma.” The words just blurted out of my mouth.
_____“So you think that you have to defend your little buddy from me. Is she your girlfriend? Never mind, don’t ask; don’t tell. SQUAD; ATTENTION; Private O’Connell, stand fast; DISMISS.”
_____“Private, you’ve got way, way too much to say. I think you need some individual attention. You won’t be going on pass tonight so tell your squad not to wait for you. Go take a shower and come back down to the orderly room in your Battle Dress Uniform (BDU).”
_____I can’t believe that things are playing right the way I want them to. Everyone is going to be out of the barracks tonight on pass and I’m going to be alone with DS Townsend. This almost seems too easy. I wonder if she caught me looking at her. Lord help me, she looks so good I was practically drooling throughout the entire attitude adjustment session. She is so hardcore that I’m going to love to flip that ass. I know that I’m cocky but hey, I’m that good.

1st Squad Room

_____“Where are y’all going tonight?” I didn’t really care as long as they got the hell up out of here.
_____“Girl, we headed up to the Enlisted Club on the other side of the base, with a pit stop at the Class VI (liquor store), of course. You know we got to get our drink on before we hit the club.” Said Pv2 Natasha Brown. “Why aren’t you putting on your civilian clothes? I know you are not staying here.”
_____“Yeah, I’ve been put on “punishment” and I can’t go on pass tonight. DS Townsend says I need some more training because I can’t keep my mouth shut.
_____“Damn, that’s too bad! She sure is mean. I’ll meet an extra man for you tonight.” Laughed Private Ortiz.
_____“Y’all better hurry up. So far I’m the only one with extra training. You see how evil DS Townsend can be. If y’all are here too late, she WILL find something for you to do.” I am practically pushing them out of the door. They are so excited to be seeing some men that they don’t notice how much I’m smiling or that I put on my Victoria Secret’s red thong/bra set.
_____Finally everyone is dressed and out of the barracks. I double check myself to make sure my trousers are bloused correctly and that I have a nice shine on my boots. I let the girl on fire guard know that I’m the last one on the floor and I won’t be back up for a while. When I get down the orderly room, the CQ is the only one there. She tells me that the DS has left a note for me. The note just confirms what I had hoped. Apparently, my individual attention is going to take place in the Drill Sergeants wing.
_____Going down the Drill Sergeants hallway is an absolute no-no and I feel a little edgy about doing it. The entire hallway is dark. The only lights are from the exit signs over two doorways. Since this is a Saturday night, no Drill Sergeants are staying in the barracks.
_____“You are on time, good. I’ve got something special planned just for you and we need to get started. Come into my room.” She said as she came up from behind me and led me into her room. After locking the door, she turned around and told me to stand in the middle of the room at attention. I knew my uniform was straight and I was enjoying playing this game with her. She slowly walked around me, checking out every inch of my person. While checking the length of my hair, she lightly grazed her fingers on my neck. That’s my spot, but I kept my cool. I could see in her eyes how excited she was so I figured we could play this little game for a few more minutes. I really wanted to feel how soft her skin was but I was standing at attention and could not move. “Strip, but keep the boots on.” I thought she would never ask. I took my time so she could get a good look at what she was about to get.
_____I hope she don’t think that I’m about to dance for her. This is not the time for that. I want it hard and fast. She tells me to go across the room and get the box that is sitting in the chair. Inside the box is every toy I could imagine. Of course, I’m drawn toward to dual headed dildo with harness. I glance back, expecting to hear an objection to what I had selected. I’m pleasantly surprised to see her naked, lying on the bed. “Come on Daddy, I’ve got what you been waiting for.” While trying to maintain some semblance of cool, I strap up. I am going to have her screaming my name in about 15 minutes.
_____As I approach the bed, she climbs down to greet me. As we start to kiss, I can feel my juices go into overdrive. I check to see if she is ready (she is) and then push her onto the bed stomach down. Her ass is perched at just the right height to get fucked. I quickly put a condom on the dildo and slide very slowly into her. She picks up my rhythm and is starting to feel it. Damn, she feels good. Her ass and legs are so smooth and soft, it should be criminal. When I grab her by her hips to get in deeper, she really starts to buck. I knew she was close, so I put my thumb in her ass hole. I could tell she enjoyed that and vowed to remember for the next time. That set it off and the next thing I heard was, “ANGIE, I’M COMIN’ . . . ANGIE, I’M COMING……"
_____“Did you enjoy that Daddy," whispered DS Townsend while she curled up next to me.
_____“Sure did, I knew you were a hot piece of ass when I first saw you.” I couldn’t get enough of her body, especially with her acting so sweet and nice. She seemed completely different than when she is in uniform. I liked being the one to push her button and see this side of her. Hold up, that sounded a little mushy. Yeah, she is fine and can handle the dils-nick, but this ain’t no love connection.
_____“Good, now get out of my room and report to CQ!! Did you think you were going to cuddle with me all night? You have a list of extra duties that I want finished BEFORE you go to bed."
_____I hustled and got dressed as quick as I could. The sweet side of DS Townsend was gone. As I left, she murmured, “Don’t be mad Daddy, we’ve got all training cycle. Trust me; I’m going to work you every night."
_____She sure flipped the script on me. I just knew that I would be laying up in that all night. I don’t even mind doing all of this bullshit on this list. Based on tonight, I’m going to have a GREAT basic training cycle.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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