It had been a couple of weeks since Leena and her girlfriend had broken up. They had been together for a little over two and a half years and things were going really well. Just as much in love as in the beginning, or so she thought. Then it seemed like out of the blue everything just started falling apart. Over the last two months their relationship just kept going downhill until finally they had to end it. Leena was really hurt. She had found things out about her girlfriend, Ty, that she just couldn't believe were true. Only to find out from "the other woman" that they were all too true.
Ty begged her not to leave. She promised that she would never mess with the other woman again. And like a fool she took Ty back. But, of course, it didn't last. After about a month of flowers for no reason, phone calls at work just because, and a general feeling that they had just fallen back in love for the first time, Leena found out that Ty was back messing with the same girl. This time there was no coming back. Leena desperately wanted the relationship with Ty to work. She loved her so much but Ty had done more than just hurt her. She had made a fool of her. No matter how much she loved Ty there was just no excusing that. She cried and moped around the house for weeks before her friends finally told her enough was enough. Her friend Angel was having a party and if she didn't come on her own her friends told her that they would drag her to the party kicking and screaming.
So there she was at the party at her friend Angel’s house. She was having a pretty good time, even though it was a straight party. Aside from having to tell a guy she was gay every two seconds she didn’t regret coming. There was good music, she’d had a couple of drinks so she had a nice buzz going on, plus, she wasn’t sure, but she had a feeling that some of the girls at the party might be gay. One of the girls standing with her friends across the room seemed like she was checking her out. But Leena wasn’t sure so she just continued to sip on her drink and go from room to room talking with different people she knew.
The party was going really well. Nobody was sitting around looking bored and even Leena was moving a little to the music. Her favorite reggae song came on and she quickly moved onto the dance floor. She closed her eyes and started moving her body slowly and sensually to the beat. But as she was dancing she could feel someone watching her. She figured it was probably just some guy she had turned down earlier, so she ignored it and kept dancing. But the person kept staring at her and it was starting to annoy her, so she opened her eyes to be like, “What the fuck?!” But when she looked she saw a beautiful, sexy woman staring at her. It was the girl from across the room earlier. Leena was stunned but quickly regained her composure and continued dancing, all the while aware that the woman had never stopped looking at her.
When the song went off Leena left the dance floor and found a seat in a far corner of the room. She took that time to really look at the woman without her noticing…. She was sexy as hell. She was tall with long legs, chocolate brown skin and lips that were full and kind of pouty. She had on a short skirt that showed off a nice, fat ass, and one of those fishnet shirts, with the bra under it. She had some nice titties too. But nothing about her was trashy. She was sexy, everything about her, like a model, or one of those girls out of a music video but not so generic. Very feminine. There was something so sexual about her. Leena wondered if the woman was going to come speak to her. She was looking around the room to see where Leena had gone. Their eyes met and she realized that Leena had been looking at her. She smiled. Leena smiled back.
She hated herself for not being more aggressive. She'd just never been good at approaching anyone she was interested in, which is probably why she always dated studs. She needed someone more aggressive than she was. But their eyes had met and there apparently was some attraction there so when Leena got up to go to the kitchen to refill her drink the girl stopped her.
"Hey," she said with this cute smile on her face.
"Hey," said Leena, rolling her eyes at herself in her head, wondering why she couldn't think of something more original to say.
"You're not leaving already are you?"
"No I was just going to get another drink."
"That's good. Cuz I was going to be mad if you left without giving me my dance first," the girl said in this real flirty kind of way.
"Is that so?" Leena said teasingly. "Well what's taken you so long to come get your dance?"
"I was waiting for the right song."
"I see. Well don't wait too long." And with that Leena turned to continue making her way to the kitchen. She was trying not to appear too eager. She wanted to see if the girl was really interested. She was nervous though. She didn't want the girl to get offended and walk away. She hadn't taken two steps when the girl caught her hand. Leena turned and the girl said,
"This is the right song." She took Leena's cup and placed it on a nearby table already littered with discarded cups and began to lead Leena onto the dance floor.
They stepped onto the dance floor and in a moment it was like there was no one else in the room but them. They danced song after song. This girl could really dance, Leena thought. Which was nice compared to Ty who had two left feet and never wanted to dance. Song after song, they continued, working up a sweat. The attraction between them was strong; everyone in the room could sense it. A slow song came on and the girl turned around and started grinding on Leena. Their eyes met and Leena could feel herself getting turned on. The girl turned and started backing her ass up and grinding it onto Leena's pussy. She was a lot to handle but Leena was working with it. She had her hands on the girl's hips and was grinding right back. Leena was getting so wet. She was gonna have to have this girl tonight! The girl turned back around and they were dancing face to face while she was grinding on Leena's leg. Their faces were only inches apart. Leena's hand went up and gently grabbed the back of the girl’s hair, pulling her head back just enough so she could kiss the girls neck. Leena started to suck on the girl’s neck and she let out a low moan right by Leena's ear. Leena was so turned on she was about to cum right there on the dance floor. She softly kissed the girls ear and asked,
"What's your name?"
The girl's lips lightly brushed Leena's ear as she whispered, "Tamara."
"Tamara...." Leena's voice was low and thick with desire. She was about to say "let's go” but Tamara beat her to it,
"Let's get out of here." Leena's pussy was wet and throbbing and she could hear in Tamara's voice that she wanted the same thing. So she took Tamara's hand and quickly led her out to her car. They got into the car and Tamara leaned over and started kissing Leena's ear, practically sending her over the edge right then and there. Leena was fumbling to get the key into the ignition while she reached over to rub Tamara's leg. Tamara's legs opened automatically. Leena got the car started and began racing to her place, hoping there weren't any cops out that night. Tamara's hands were rubbing Leena's breasts through her shirt and she was kissing on her ears and neck making it very hard for Leena to concentrate on driving. Leena had one hand on the wheel and the other was rubbing Tamara's legs moving steadily up her skirt. She could feel the warm wetness soaking through Tamara's panties. She was stroking Tamara's fat clit, enjoying the sensation of her pussy liquid lubricating her fingers through the fabric. She swerved to miss hitting a passing car when Tamara stopped and whispered,
"You wanna see me play with it?" And in seemingly one motion she let her seat back, pulled her skirt up, and had her panties off. Leena looked over as Tamara opened her legs wide and started rubbing herself. Leena could see Tamara's clit glistening wet in the passing streetlights. Her pussy hair was shaved low and neat and her scent was filling Leena's car. Tamara was massaging her clit and moaned as she placed first two, then three fingers deep inside her dripping hole. She started finger fucking herself and Leena could hear the sounds of Tamara's wetness as her fingers went in and out, deeper and deeper. Leena sped up cuz she was thinking, "I'll be damned if this girl is gonna cum before I get a taste."
After what seemed like an eternity they finally got to her apartment. Once inside Leena didn't wait to get to the bedroom. She pushed Tamara against the front door and pulled her skirt up around her waist. Pushing her legs apart she got on her knees and buried her face in Tamara's dripping, wet vagina. Her lips were sucking on Tamara's clit and her tongue was greedily thrusting deep into Tamara's cunt. She smelled so good, and she tasted even better. Tamara's moans were getting louder and her juices were flowing down Leena's chin. Tamara's knees were buckling as she was pushing Leena's face harder onto her pussy. Leena could feel Tamara about to cum and quickly thrust two fingers deep inside her while she was still sucking on her swollen clit. Tamara was bucking her hips against Leena's fingers, her moans getting louder and louder. Leena glanced up; Tamara's eyes were closed. She had pulled her shirt up and was playing with her beautiful titties: rubbing on them and pulling on her hard, erect nipples. Leena pushed another finger inside Tamara. Her pussy was so deep. She felt so good. Leena just couldn't believe this was happening. The tip of her nose, her mouth, her lips, and her chin were all covered in Tamara's juices. She continued licking her clitoris until Tamara couldn't even move. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy as she groaned out, "Oh shit baby! I'm bout to cum! I'm bout to cum!" Her legs started shaking and Leena could feel her pussy muscles contracting around her fingers.
The feeling was amazing! With that Leena could feel her own orgasm building up. Tamara's juices were dripping down Leena's chin and flowing down her fingers and she lapped it all up, wanting to savor every drop, while her own pussy juices were starting to flow down her legs from a silent, yet powerful orgasm. Tamara's climax subsided and Leena stood up. Tamara took Leena's fingers and started sucking her juices off of Leena's fingers: sucking and swirling her tongue around each one, long and hard, like each one was a fat dick she was trying to suck dry! But Leena wasn't finished yet. There was something she'd always wanted to do.
She took Tamara's hand and led her to the bedroom. Once in the room Leena completely removed Tamara's, now very wrinkled, skirt and top. Standing there completely naked Leena was able to take in the sight of Tamara's body. It was exquisite. You could tell she worked out. She was completely toned, but not muscular. Soft and thick in all the right places. No dimples. No folds. Her breasts were just the right size for her, something like a large C or a small D. Tamara was softly caressing her body while she waited patiently for Leena to make a move. Leena realized that she had been staring at the woman's beautiful body for a minute. So she slowly moved Tamara onto the big, queen-sized bed that used to be her's and Ty's, feeling a fleeting pang of sadness as memories threatened to come back. She wouldn't think about that now....or ever.
She walked over to a drawer near the side of the bed and pulled out a big, brown cock. It was a strap-on that she had bought a while ago but had never been able to use, since Ty, of course, wouldn't let Leena use it on her. It was nine inches of stiffness. The color, the feeling, the texture was all so real you would have sworn it was the real thing. Leena undressed quickly, but gracefully. She might be shy about approaching a woman, but she had never been shy about her body. Her body was actually similar to Tamara's: long legs, full breasts, fat ass. She finished putting the strap on securely and got on the bed. Tamara looked her in the eyes and Leena knew that this girl would be able to take whatever she came with and then some. Her fingers were softly playing with her clit, keeping it wet, while the other hand was lazily playing with her titties. She opened her legs wider as Leena approached her.
Leena could see Tamara's pussy was still slick from her cum juices and was starting to be re-coated with her natural pussy lubrication that was already starting to seep out of her swollen cunt. She crawled between Tamara's open legs and softly kissed her on her stomach, just below her navel. She kissed the insides of her thighs, feeling the heat radiating from Tamara's hot pussy. She reached up and grabbed Tamara's titties, watching Tamara close her eyes and lick her lips as Leena teased her nipples: gently squeezing and pulling at them until they were erect between her fingers. She put one in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around it and sucking on it. Taking as much of it into her mouth as she could, while massaging the other breast in her other hand. Then she switched and started sucking on the other breast. Taking her time on each breast and then squeezing them together and taking them both at once. She could hear Tamara's soft moans and felt a chill go through her every time their eyes met. Tamara was running her hands through Leena's hair, occasionally stopping to rub one of her own titties. When she felt Tamara starting to grind her hips on her, she knew Tamara was ready…..
She kissed Tamara full on the lips, passionately. And even though she felt a little nervous in the pit of her stomach, she gently pushed Tamara's legs further apart. She positioned herself over Tamara and slowly began to guide the nine inches into this beautiful woman's waiting vagina. She was so, so wet. She heard Tamara gasp slightly as the large head of the dick first penetrated her. Leena paused for just a split second to make sure she hadn't hurt her, but a quick glance told her that that was definitely not a gasp of pain. She began to glide the shaft in more eagerly now as Tamara gyrated her hips to help the long strap enter her more easily. Leena heard Tamara let out a sigh and new that it was completely in. She tentatively began to glide the dick in and out of Tamara's deep, wet hole. In and out. Tamara's body moved in encouragement. She could hear this woman's dripping pussy lips taking it all in. It was a nasty, sexy sound and it was turning Leena on more and more. Tamara was arching her back, her lips kissing any part of Leena that they landed on. Leena quickened her pace, thrusting harder and faster as Tamara's moans got louder and louder. She could feel Tamara's nails scratching down her back. It hurt but she didn't care. Leena grabbed Tamara's legs and pulled them up and apart so that her pussy was in full view as it swallowed the whole length of Leena's stiff shaft. She pumped Tamara's pussy harder and harder, watching her big titties bounce with each thrust. Tamara's cries got louder and louder,
"Oh shit baby! Oh shit! Fuck me baby! Fuck this pussy! Fuck me harder!" So she fucked her harder and faster. But she wanted to see that ass from the back. That had always been her favorite position with Ty. She used to love to have the mirror by the bed when Ty was fucking her hard from the back, so now was her chance to see what it was like. She motioned for Tamara to turn over and get on all fours. Damn this girl had a perfectly shaped ass. When she got on her hands and knees Leena could see Tamara's dripping slit between her legs, despite all the ass that was in her face. She couldn't resist touching that wet hole one more time, which made Tamara jump. She smacked Tamara’s ass and watched it jiggle. Damn that was nice. She chuckled a little, really enjoying herself. She never thought she would ever be doing something like this. She positioned herself behind Tamara. Tamara was wiggling her ass seductively. Leena guided the tip into Tamara's cunt and with little warning rammed it in. Tamara let out a loud moan,
"Oh fuck baby!" Leena was thrusting her dick deep inside Tamara's hot pussy and Tamara was throwing her ass right back, taking every bit of it. She grabbed Tamara by the hips and began ramming all nine inches into her slick vagina that made Tamara's moans rise steadily in pitch. Between gasps she said,
"Smack my ass baby! I want to feel you deep in my gut!" Leena didn't need any more encouragement than that. She smacked Tamara's fat, round ass, leaving handprints on her beautiful brown skin. Which only made Tamara yell even louder. She gripped Tamara's hips and pulled her into each thrust. The feeling and the sound of Tamara's ass slapping against her own bare skin, and the pressure of her thrusting so deeply into Tamara's pussy hole was sending Leena over the edge. She could feel herself about to cum. The sight of Tamara's ass and pussy taking her thrusts in and out, leaving a coating of her juices behind on Leena's cock every time; the smell of sweet pussy filling the room; the sound of her slapping Tamara's ass mixed with Tamara's sexy moans. It all came together for Leena. She could feel that familiar contracting deep in her pussy when she knew she was about to bust an enormous nut. Her breathing quickened. She knew it was coming. She started pumping Tamara's little pussy so hard and fast she thought her headboard was going to beat a hole into her neighbor's apartment.
"Oh shit!" She said. She could barely take it, she knew she was about to start cumming all down her legs any second, but she was determined that she wasn't gonna bust until Tamara did. But just at that moment she heard Tamara say,
"Ooh baby I'm bout to bust! Come on baby, give it to me! Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm gonna cum! I'm bout to cum!" Leena fucked Tamara harder and harder. She grabbed a handful of Tamara's hair and pulled it hard as she was thrusting.
"That's right baby! Fuck me! Ohhh fuck!" But all the rest of her cries were stifled as her breaths came faster and faster, punctuated by high pitched squeals with each thrust. Leena had reached her climax and she knew Tamara had too. Leena's juices were running down her leg as wave after wave of body rocking orgasm rolled over her. Tamara had gone completely quiet as her whole body began to shake as a colossal orgasm coursed through her whole body. Leena slowed her thrusts to a stop as their mutual orgasms began to subside and they collapsed into each others' sweaty arms trying to catch their breaths.
As their breathing slowed back to normal their eyes met. They smiled a tired, satisfied smile at each other. Tamara kissed Leena softly, sweetly, passionately on the lips. The kiss of a long-time lover, similar to the way Ty used to kiss her before things got bad. Tamara took Leena's hand in hers as she laid her head on Leena's chest. Leena couldn't help but be amazed at the beautiful woman that she had laying beside her. She just lay there listening to the rhythmic sounds of Tamara's breathing. Tamara. That really was a beautiful name.

Leena awoke the next morning from the sunlight streaming into her window and the rumbling in her stomach. She was hungry. She turned over to ask Tamara what she wanted to eat. But Tamara wasn't there, just a cold pillow. She sat up and looked on the floor beside the bed. Her clothes were gone. Leena's heart was sinking fast. She got up and looked around her apartment. Living room? No. Guest bedroom? No. Kitchen? No. She hadn't looked in the bathroom yet though. Maybe Tamara was in the bathroom. She got to the bathroom. The door was closed. Her heart leapt, she usually left her door open! She went to knock on the door, but an unintentional glance at the crack under the bottom of the door showed that the light in the bathroom was off. Her heart sunk back into the pit of her stomach. She opened the door and turned on the light anyway. Empty. She reached up to turn the light back off when she saw a note taped to her mirror. She took it off and read it, her hopes rising just a little in spite of themselves. It said:
"Had a great time. Thanks. I'll call you."
Leena read and re-read the note. Not quite sure how she felt about it. She wasn't really sure what she thought the note should say, but it just seemed kind of impersonal. No signature or anything. And had a great time? Thanks? What was that all about? Well, she did say she'd had a "great" time. She could've said she just had an okay time, or that she'd had a terrible time, or she could've not said anything at all. And I already knew who the note was from, so she didn't really have to sign it.
So Leena convinced herself that it was an okay note. She went to put on her robe and made some breakfast. She had finished eating and was mindlessly watching some TV, still a little bothered about the note . . . She said she'd had a good time. Not a good time. A great time. Leena smiled to herself. It was still a crazy note though. Oh well, it's not really that big of a deal. She was probably just in a hurry. Yeah. That's probably what it was. I'll just have to ask her about it when she calls. I hope it wasn't an emergency. Maybe I should call her. Just to see if everything's okay. Wait, I don't have her number. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to wait for her to call.
I don't remember giving her my number. Maybe I gave it to her before we left the party. No. I don't think either of us were thinking about phone numbers at that point. Did I give it to her when we were talking over by the kitchen? No. We didn't really talk that long then. We really didn't talk much at all last night.. She asked me if I was leaving. I said no. She asked if I wanted to dance. I said yes. I asked her her name. She said Tamara. She said lets get out of here. I never gave her my number. Okay, let’s see . . . leaving? No. Dance? Yes. Name? Tamara . . . name . . . When did I tell her MY name? I know I told her my name. I asked her her name. She told me. And then she asked me my name. No, she didn't.
"She doesn't know my name," Leena said out loud, as the realization hit her. She never even asked my name.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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