by Chayse N. Ryan

Why do I miss you when I shouldn't?
Why do I hear your voice in my quiet moments?
Why do I miss your hands, the tone of your voice, the way you touch me, the
way you talk to me?

Why do you have so much power over me?
Why do I give you so much power?
Why do I miss you more as time passes?
Why do I expect to hear from you?

Why do you matter so much when you probably shouldn't?
Why have you taken such a deep hold on me?
Why are you a part of me?
Why can't I do the simplest things without relating a task to you?

Why do I care so, when I have no idea if you feel the same?
Why are you my first thought when I wake and the last before I sleep?
Why is your presence so present in my life - when you are so absent?
Why me?

Why am I tortured by fantasies unfulfilled and broken promises?
Why am I a fool?
Why am I so open?
Why do I think that I'm so right for you?

Why don't you act the way I want you to?
Why are you so fucking complicated?
Why are you so deliciously irresistible?

Why do I miss your smart-ass sarcastic mouth?
Why do I miss your tight smooth body?
Why do I miss hearing of your scandalous past?
Why do I miss your mischievous eyes?
Why do I miss your moodiness, your edge, your attitude?
Why? Woman Why?

Why don't you reach out to me?
Why can't you talk to me?
Why can we just be?
Why can't we just fuck?
Why can't we talk?

Why do I miss your lips, your luscious kissable lips?
Why do I miss your touch on my face, my lips, my stomach, my bicep?
Why do I miss staring into your beautiful brown eyes?
Why do I even bother especially when you probably don't?
Why do I keep hope alive?

Why can't I shake the thought of you?
Why does your kiss persist?
Why can't I let go?

Why did I let this happen?
Why can't I make it end?
Why do I want to be your fucking friend, your lover, your confidant?

Why does my heart feel like it's lost its best friend?
Why does my heart feel as if it will never mend?

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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