C. Collins

“Aww baby, c’mere,” Alyssa said as she saw Renee snuggled up in a ball on her bed.
Renee was spending the entire weekend at Alyssa’s. It was only Friday evening and they had a lot planned over the next two days. Alyssa laid down on the bed and Renee scooted up to her torso. “This is nice,” Renee said after inhaling deeply and nestling her head into Alyssa’s chest.
“It is,” Alyssa agreed. She wrapped her arms around Renee’s waist and traced her fingers along her lower back.
Renee giggled suddenly. “That tickles!!!”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
“It’s ok,” Renee said and reassuringly kissed an exposed area of Alyssa’s chest.
“Stooooop,” Alyssa said echoing the character Stuart from Mad TV.
“Why?” Renee asked mischievously. She straddled Alyssa, assuming her ‘porn star’ position.
“What are you doing?” Alyssa asked intrigued.
“Nothing…” Renee said. Softly, she tucked Alyssa’s hair behind her ear and kissed slowly along her neck. The rapid breathing coming from Alyssa was all she needed to know she was turning her on. She ran her tongue from the bottom of her ear down to her collarbone and felt the wetness in her own pussy increase when Alyssa moaned. Renee reached down and pulled Alyssa’s shirt up over her head and then buried her face in the space between her breasts. The warm breathing on Alyssa’s skin was driving her crazy and making her want Renee even more.
Renee continued teasing Alyssa and traced her tongue in a straight line from the base of her breasts to the tip of her chin. “Is your mom still here?” Renee asked suddenly, rising into a sitting position.
“No, she left a while ago. Why are you thinking about my mom right now?” Alyssa asked.
“I don’t want to fuck your mom." Renee laughed. "I just wanted to know if we have the place to ourselves.”
“I have a surprise for you, stay right there.” Renee stripped down to her baby blue bra and panties and then reached in her bag near Alyssa’s bed. She pulled out a small bottle of massage oil and then returned to the bed. “C’mere. Sit between my legs with your back to me.” Renee poured a small amount of the oil into her palm and then rubbed her hands together to warm it up. With precise motion, she caressed Alyssa’s breasts from under her arms and then underneath. She continued doing this for a few minutes, but never touching the nipples.
Soon, Alyssa’s head was back and resting on Renee’s shoulder. It was then that Renee moved until she was in front of Alyssa and laid her down on her back. Using the very tip of her tongue she flicked the top of Alyssa’s hardened nipples. Alyssa sucked in a large breath and then sighed heavily. “Oh, you like that?” Renee teased. Alyssa bit her lower lip and nodded slowly. “Good, that’s just the beginning.”

After an evening filled with the smell of pussy, moans, and vibrating objects, Renee and Alyssa spent the next day hanging out with Alyssa's friends. Renee got a chance to meet some of the girls that Alyssa talked about so often and go out to a club with them.
The group of girls was making their way along the sidewalk on the way to the club. Renee was wearing a pair of tight stonewashed H&M jeans, a chocolate brown halter-top with a plunging neckline, and a pair of brown and black Diesel sneakers. Her hair was pulled up into a sleek ponytail and her lip-gloss was shiny and kissable in a brownie shade. Alyssa was dressed in a pair of nice close-fitting jeans and a dark blue off the shoulder baby doll top that Renee had convinced her to wear during their shopping trip earlier in the day.
“I don’t really want to go,” Alyssa admitted as they neared the club.
“Aww Al, why didn’t you say something earlier? We could’ve stayed back and done something at your house.” Renee winked at her after that last statement.
“Stooooop,” Alyssa responded. “No, but I do want to see you drop it in a club atmosphere,” she added as they walked through the doors.
Already, the pulsating beat of techno music was vibrating through their bodies. The club was pretty typical, flashing strobe lights, sweating walls and a bar and lounge section off to the side for people that just wanted to chill and get nice. The only thing that differed from other clubs was the fact that instead of girls grinding up on guys in corners, there were girls grinding on girls – everywhere.
“Well damn,” Renee murmured. There were women of every color and shape throughout the club. Slowly, they made their way through the writhing bodies to an area near the wall where they could regroup. “I will be right here,” Alyssa stated as she leaned against the wall.
“You’re not gonna dance at all?” Renee asked sadly.
“I just want to watch you.”
Renee sighed deeply as the music changed from driving techno to 50 Cent’s “Just a Little Bit.” Suddenly, she licked her lips and then turned around so that her back was to Alyssa’s chest. She began moving her hips slowly in beat with the seductive flute sample on the track. Rolling her hips as if she were belly dancing, she moved even closer to Alyssa’s body. Renee looked over her shoulder to catch the expression on Alyssa’s face. Alyssa looked as though she wanted to say, ‘stooooop’ but instead, bit her lower lip and watched what was going on in front of her.
Renee reached around to grab Alyssa’s hands, and on the line “I’m gonna unbutton your pants just a little bit, take ‘em off, pull ‘em down just a little bit” pulled them into the waist of her jeans so that there was flesh on flesh contact. Alyssa leaned forward and began to tongue her neck. She ran her tongue behind Renee’s ear and sucked on the lobe. Renee shivered despite the blazing heat in the club and leaned heavily on Alyssa’s body.
Renee turned around and planted her lips on Alyssa’s. The sweet kiss quickly turned into a passionate one with tongues sliding against one another. Alyssa reached her arms around Renee’s waist, sliding her hands into her back pockets and squeezing her ass. She tilted her head back as Renee began to attack her neck.
It was then that Renee felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see Alyssa’s friends there snickering. Alyssa gave them the finger as they pulled Renee away to the dance floor.
Alyssa sat in the lounge area making sure she had a good view of Renee. For the rest of the night they exchanged glances with each other, not really paying attention to anything else that was going on. However, when Nelly’s “Flap Your Wings” came on all attention was on Renee as she dropped low to the floor and began to do “the eagle” with practiced expertise. Knowing that Alyssa was watching her intently, she showed off, moving extra seductively. Alyssa wore an expression on her face that said, You are going to catch it when we get back.

Around 3am, when Renee and Alyssa finally made it back to her house, there was a mad dash to her bedroom. Making out and kicking the door shut with their feet, they fell into bed.
“You know what?” Alyssa asked, pulling her face back from Renee’s.
“I think I need a shower before we do this, the club was really hot.”
“I need a shower too,” Renee realized. Unexpectedly, a mischievous look appeared in her eyes. “Why don’t we take it together?”
“Oh…” Alyssa said. “Well, if that’s what you really want to do.”
“I think it would be fun.”
“Let’s go then,” Alyssa took Renee’s hand and led the way.
Alyssa started running the water and they took turns undressing each other. Seeing Alyssa’s hardened nipples and feeling how warm her pussy was drove Renee crazy. They stood facing each other under the running water.
Immediately, Renee’s hands found their way to Alyssa’s large breasts. She kissed them slowly and sucked the nipples into her mouth. Alyssa leaned against the wall in ecstasy. Renee slid her hand down Alyssa’s body and inserted a finger into Alyssa’s dripping pussy. Quickly, she found her clit and began toying with it as Alyssa’s pulled Renee closer to her.
Once she had a rhythm going, she began to kiss Alyssa again with all of her might, leaving her breathless. They continued for several minutes until Renee had brought Alyssa to the brink. Right then, she got on her knees and began to lick Alyssa’s pussy as though her life depended on it. The sudden shift from finger to tongue threw Alyssa off and soon thereafter, she shuddered and came in the shower.
Climbing back up to full height, Renee ran her fingers through Alyssa’s hair and then gently caressed her face. “Did you like that?” Renee asked, water cascading down her body. Alyssa nodded slowly and then kissed Renee softly. “Good.”
Reaching for a washcloth, Renee lathered it up and began washing Alyssa’s body. She started with her shoulders and then made her way down to her breasts and stomach. She took her time and made sure that every part of Alyssa was cared for properly. Renee wrung out the washcloth and then rinsed Alyssa off. She enjoyed watching the water tumbling between her breasts.
“Let me do you now,” Alyssa said. She took the washcloth from Renee’s hand and then repeated the actions that Renee had just done for her. Renee enjoyed the feeling of the suds covering her body and the tingling sensation they made on her skin when they effervesced. She stood under the showerhead to rinse herself clean.
“That was really nice,” Renee said as they stepped out the shower and began drying themselves off.
“Yes it was,” Alyssa responded. They threw towels around themselves and then went back into Alyssa’s room to get dressed.
Lying in bed, Renee lay on her side with Alyssa behind her. Alyssa draped her arm around Renee’s waist and kissed her shoulder softly. “Good night, ‘Nee,” Alyssa said.
“Night, Al.”

Renee slept in late on Sunday morning while Alyssa went to church. A few hours later, Alyssa returned from service looking exhausted and in need of sleep. The bed shifted slightly as she slid back into bed behind Renee and cuddled up close. Renee turned around slightly and scrutinized Alyssa’s face. “What’s wrong Al? You look like you went out partying and then spent the rest of the night fucking – oh wait – you did!” Renee said sarcastically.
“Very funny,” Alyssa said, smacking Renee lightly on the ass. “So what do you want to do today?” Renee asked.
“Right now, I just want to sleep for a few more hours.”
“Sounds good to me.”
A couple hours later Alyssa woke up with Renee’s head lying on her chest, sound asleep. She couldn’t believe that this was the last night that she would be staying at her house and that she’d be returning to her own house the next day. She had to do something special for her last night; something that Renee would never expect.
Alyssa leaned down and kissed Renee softly on the forehead in an attempt to wake her gently. Renee stirred a bit and then began to fidget. Looking up at Alyssa with sleep in her eyes, she said, “Morning sleepyhead.”
Alyssa laughed quietly, “Yeah ok, I’m the sleepyhead.” Renee propped herself up on her elbows and kissed Alyssa on the nose. “Oh so you wanna play like that?” Alyssa joked. She rolled Renee over so that she was on her back and began to kiss her aggressively. After making Renee gasp for air, she pulled away. “Do you want to raise the stakes a little bit?” Alyssa asked.
Renee raised an eyebrow. “In what way?”
Alyssa got up off the bed and began to rummage in her closet. Finding what she was looking for, she turned around to Renee holding a small video camera. “Oh no,” Renee said with a small grin on her face.
“Do you want to?” Alyssa asked sitting on the edge of the bed.
“I don’t know,” Renee said carefully. “If I ever become famous, this tape could come back and bite me in the ass.”
“Or,” Alyssa suggested, “It could be our own personal porn – starring us. You know you always wanted to be a porn star.”
Renee bit her lower lip and it was obvious that she was caving. “Ok.”
After setting the camera up on its tripod near the bed, Alyssa clambered on top of Renee and began kissing her all over. Renee lifted herself up into a sitting position and took off her shirt and then Alyssa’s. “You wanna try something different?” Renee asked.
“I thought that’s what the camera was for,” Alyssa said cautiously.
“Ok, we don’t have to do it?”
“Well, what did you have in mind?”
“Do you want to try 69?”
“Oh,” Alyssa said. “Ok, we can try that, but I haven’t done it before, so I can’t guarantee anything.”
“I can’t guarantee anything either. I’ve only done it once before and the circumstances were…different,” Renee said. With that, Renee laid Alyssa down on her back and then turned around so that they were in the position. She held back the lips of Alyssa’s pussy and ran the tip of her tongue along the clit. She could feel Alyssa shiver below her and then the cool caressing of Alyssa’s tongue on her.
She was having a hard time concentrating on the task at hand when Alyssa’s expert tongue was working its magic. Trying to ignore the juices that were flowing from her own pussy, Renee put all her efforts into pleasuring Alyssa. She traced her tongue in circles around the clit before her and enjoyed the sound and feel of Alyssa moaning loudly into her pussy. She dipped her tongue into Alyssa's pussy just as a rapid-fire licking of her own clit that sent her body into small convulsions.
“Mmmmm," Renee moaned. Unable to support her head, she fell face first into Alyssa’s pussy. When she regained her stamina, she sucked Alyssa’s clit into her mouth several times. They continued for about a half-hour, devouring each other’s pussies until they both were seeing sounds and hearing colors. Out of breath, Renee rested her head on Alyssa’s inner thigh. Alyssa let her head drop onto a pillow.
“Was it good?” Renee asked of Alyssa behind her.
“Hell fucking yeah,” Alyssa said with a hoarse voice.
The women cleaned themselves up, shut off the video camera and then snuggled up in bed. “I can’t believe you’re going home tomorrow,” Alyssa said.
“Yeah, I know, but don’t worry. There are plenty of weekends like this one to come.”

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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