by Shaudessee

you with your corn rows, me with my locs.
in the middle of the room
we resume
where we left off last night.
i succumb to your dominance,
as there's where most of our differences end.
on the playground, or in the bed,
it's hard to determine just who wins.
it always comes to the same sweet end...

your arms a bit more defined
than mine.
but for sure i got you in the thighs.
and you know i lose my mind
when your tongue paints lines
on my sculptured back and spine.
as if synchronized, you read my mind
and enter me from behind.
i'm clinging to sheets
as your fingers creep
to stroke my clit.
and i let out a scream -
our dick is making me weak.

"oh god", i explode,
and your fucking slows
as my shoulders welcome your sweaty brows.
cos you know next round
i'll be the one to mount
you and stare into your eyes amidst
your bliss.
but not before i taste your lips,
bite and suck on your plum-like tits,
trail past your tightened six,
and dive between your oozing lips
to the clit
that now submits
to me...

i rock with you
through your meanders and quakes,
your recitation of all heavenly names.
soft lips meet again,
each one's message the same:
"i love you."

taut bodies drift to sleep,
still intertwined.
save your skin of 2 shades lighter than mine.
this perfect pairing, this 2 of a kind.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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