You Say You Love Me

Yet you beat me when I don't do as you say. I'm only human and I make mistakes.
You say you love me, yet you treat me as if I was your slave
then beat me if you think I don't if I was a child.
You say you love me and that you care for fear that someone else will take me...
Can't you see I only wanted you? Didn't I show you?
I can't go out without you, I can't talk to anyone if you don't tell me to...
I can't have no family no friends.
So, please tell me what do I get from your love besides aches and pains?
I've been called so many names by you...
A bitch, Hoe, dumb but never your lover, your wife or even just your girlfriend.
How about just calling me by my name!
You say you love me.
Yet beat on me in front of our kids and give me no respect.
You sleep around on me and always mistreat me.
You bring just pain to my life yet I hold on because you weren't always like this...
You were sweet and kind at one time. I stay with you because I was
looking for that nice person to come back to me, but I see now that she's gone.
I wash, cook, clean, do anything for you. Tell me what the fuck do I get?
You make me have sex when I don't want to.
Did you ever think I may want to be made love to?
You say you love me.
You know I loved you and would do anything to show you.
Is this why you treat me like shit?
You make me sleep on the floor. Don't you see I'm all that you had? Why can't you be nice to me?
But you say you Love me?
I don't think you loved me at all...That person that was nice and sweet when
we first met was never the real you. It was all a part of your plan too...
All Bullshit!
Well, guess what lover of mines? I got something for you...
BANG! BANG! Now you're dead!
I can go to jail and sleep well
because I've been in hell so what's 25 years?

Copyright © 2004. Used with author's permission.

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