An Interview with Smokey0282

Author of "The Limo Driver," "Looking," and "The Beach"

How did you choose your pen name (and/or what does your pen name mean)?
Smokey was my pet's name. The numbers were a work pin. Not very creative on my part, I know.

Why (and how) did you begin writing erotic fiction?
I actually began writing as a way to entertain my girlfriend at the time. I was in a long distance relationship and the stories were a way to keep the romance and interest there. I really had no intention of publishing or submitting them initially. I didn't think they were really all that good.

How long have you been writing?
Off and on for about 5 years

How do you get ideas for your work?
I used to travel a bit and I'm an avid people watcher. It also helps that I have a pretty colorful imagination! I tried to keep the stories and the characters as real as I could so readers could relate to them.

How long does it typically take to write a piece?
It varies. I recently relocated to a new state so I haven't submitted anything new as of late. I haven't perfected the art of writing the Quickie Story yet. It probably takes me a lot longer than some of the other writers on Kuma. I spend a lot of time editing and rewriting and second guessing myself.

How does your work reflect (or compare to) your real life experiences?
I wish I'd had some of these experiences! I do admit to basing some of the characters on people I've met and maybe two of my stories are loosely based on personal experience.

What creative projects are you working on right now?
I'm just getting back into my writing seriously. I'm working on a couple of short stories now. My recent move took precedence over everything for awhile but I have to thank a reader for getting me started again. She actually took the time to jot me a complimentary note and I realized how much I missed writing. Of course, just like a lot of the writers here, I harbor dreams of one day being published.

Has your work been published anywhere else? If yes, where?
I had two stories in GBF, the site as well as the print mag.

When can we look forward to reading something else by you on Kuma?
I'm working on something now. Hopefully it will be accepted for the next site update.

If you had to choose, which one of your own stories or poems published with Kuma would you say is your favorite?
It's a tie between Looking and The Limo Driver. I think Looking was a little too long but I liked the premise.

Which stories and/or poetry on Kuma do you like that were NOT written by you?
I enjoy reading anything by Lil AJ and GyrlCandy. I liked Cotton Gloves by Jolie Agnew too. It was nice to read about characters that you don't see too often.

Please tell us one thing you do for fun.
I live in Miami so I'd have to say people-watching. Florida has so many beautiful women it's a wonder I haven't wrecked a couple of cars!

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