An Interview with Naughtydred

Author of "Suits Me," "Mersey," and "Strawberries"

How did you choose your pen name (and/or what does your pen name mean)?
My pen name comes from a nickname I developed over my online years due to my sensual hedonistic disposition and my kinky mane.

Why (and how) did you begin writing erotic fiction?
When I was about 10 years old, I found a book on the street called ‘Daddy and the singles club’. It was hardcore straight erotica but of course I had never read anything like that before. I read that book like 5 times before it mysteriously disappeared from from under my matress. It had already made it’s impression though. Just a year and a half later, I got my chance to experience my own desire.

As soon as I carnally knew exactly what those freaks in ‘Daddy’ were doing, I set out to top my favorite scenes from the book.

How long have you been writing?
I started writing fiction in high school but my subjects got ‘naughtier’ in college.

How do you get ideas for your work?
Usually I make up the circumstances leading up to the action off the top of my head. The action, well… I think back to some of my own erotic experiences and glean some fond memories in the right places. Or I think, what would I do in that same situation. The beginning of the sex is the most difficult part of the story to write for me.

How long does it typically take to write a piece?
Depends, sometimes when I am in the mood I can rip off a 3 pager in about an hour. On the other hand, there are times that I will begin a story and ˝ way thru I will lose focus. It can take me a month to finish.

How does your work reflect (or compare to) your real life experiences?
I used to deny how much of me are in the Stud characters cause I didn’t like feeling like folks reading was looking directly into my bedroom. But to be honest, I can only write about the reality I know when it comes to human interaction.

What creative projects are you working on right now?
I just finished a story about a girl ordering a new phone line and getting hooked up in more way than one by her sexy Bell technician.

Has your work been published anywhere else? If yes, where?
Gay Black Female magazine has published a few of my stories.
Bi Any Other Name: 1991 Alyson Publications
Anything That Moves Magazine

When can we look forward to reading something else by you on Kuma?
There should be a story of mine added to Kuma in August.

If you had to choose, which one of your own stories or poems published with Kuma would you say is your favorite?
Suits Me

Which stories and/or poetry on Kuma do you like that were NOT written by you?
Make Up Time by The Ultimate Femme

Please tell us one thing you do for fun.
I love to take my drum out to the beach with a spliff and watch the sun fade.

Read Suits Me, Mersey, or Strawberries.

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