An Interview with Najaah Childs

Author "Love Is Pain," "Applied Studology," "Straight Fucking" and many more.

How did you choose your pen name (and/or what does your pen name mean)?
Najaah is my middle name and Childs...I don't know I just kind of like how they sound together Najaah Childs.

Why (and how) did you begin writing erotic fiction/poetry?
Actually the first time that I ever looked at Kuma, that was about 2 years ago, that very same day I wrote a erotic poem. I had always written poetry before but Kuma just made me want to expand my horizons. I also get to meet alot of cool females through my responses I get.

How long have you been writing?
I've been writing poetry since the age of thirteen....its been awhile.

How do you get ideas for your poetry/stories?
Well the way that I write...I'll just be sitting around the house and I'll just start reciting lines. From there I just go...or I could start from one word...Like I could hear the word sex....or pussy...or lust...or love..and I'll just go from there.

How long does it typically take to write a story?
None of my poems take more than 15 minutes to write....I been working on this one story for about 5 months though...I'm just trying to make it perfect ya kno.

How does your work reflect (or compare to) your real life experiences?
Well my poems like Love is Pain Pt 1 and 2...thats all about me. Straight Fucking is me too.

What stories (or creative projects) are you working on right now?
I'm still working on my story. Poems come to me everyday so I'm always writing ya know...I like to keep my skills up.

Has your work been published anywhere else? If yes, where?
No, not really ...I'm pretty much a dedicated Kumaian.

When can we look forward to reading something else by you on Kuma?
February should have about 3 new poems from.

If you had to choose, which one of your own stories or poems published with Kuma would you say is your favorite?
It has to be the poem I wrote with Chyna and the one I wrote with Honey. Straight Fucking will always be my number one though.

Which stories and/or poetry on Kuma do you like that were NOT written by you?
AJ and Sin are like my favorite writers. I also gotta send a shout out to Gyrl Candy; I always was feelin her work.

Please tell us one thing you do for fun.
Writing my lil poems and getting them published on Kuma. It strokes my stud ego to know that I get thongs and panties wet across America. God I love it!!!!

Read Love Is Pain, Applied Studology, or Straight Fucking.

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