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Anne was born on June 6, 1972, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her background is Native Canadian (Ojibwe). She attended Ontario College of Art (O.C.A.)

In 1996, Chez Café displayed three of her watercolor paintings including her self-portrait.

In 1998, at their Lee's Palace Concert, Skye Edwards of Morcheeba signed a painting of herself along with her band.

In 1998, over 40 of Canne's Hip-Hop Collection were on display at the Red Spot, Pope Joan's and at the Coloured Stone.

Fusion 2000 will be planning a tour with a collection of Canne's art. In Toronto on July 19th, 1998, the first happenings of the tour was at the Wellington House featuring 20 or more pieces of Canne's work

In October 1998, at the Coloured Stone, Canne had a showing of a variety of pieces from her Hip-Hop, Native and Women Collections. Three pieces of the Hip-Hop and the newest piece of Canne's Native Collection are presently on display.

Most recently hosting her showing at Gypsy Co-op on November 19,1998, Canne showed several pieces of the Hip-hop collection with the collection remaining through to the end of November.

The Hip Hop Collection returned to Pope Joan's early in 1999 until the end of May, due to the favorable response from the patrons of Pope Joan's, with 3 pieces of her Women Series also being on display.

An article about Canne along with several pieces of her work was published in Fireweed, a women's publication of Toronto. Fireweed also used one of Canne's works for the cover. Issues of Fireweed are availabke through the artist Canne.

Recently in honour of his return, Maestro (Fresh Wes) was presented with a portrait painted by Canne on stage at a recent concert.

Embracing Our Sisters is a collection of poetry, short stories, photography, and artwork depicting and or created by women of color. I have contributed 4 of my art pieces to this book including, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson, Li'l Kim, and Erykah Badu.

Recently, at Edgefest a two-day concert featuring many bands. Canne exhibited a gallery of 20 pieces in an outdoor gallery.

A full collection of 30 or more pieces from different series will be on display at Just Desserts in mid July 1999 running until October 1999.(Toronto)

Currently she is working on a few projects, which are still to be announced.

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